Friday, December 28, 2007

Our Own Video.

Loose Change has finally hit home. My town's library has flyers for a screening of LC:Final Cut with a discussion afterwards. It's being hosted by Rockland-Bergen for 9/11 Twoof (out of NY). I honestly feel violated. I know the library is obligated to hold public events without judgement but I'm still shocked.

Well I'm sick of it. Their movement has spread because of these viral videos. Anyone who knows anything about video editing knows how manipulative it can be. Text, audio, pictures, video, all edited in whatever order or juxtaposed however the editor chooses. But there's hope.

I'm announcing Conspiracies R Not Us is beginning preproduction for our own video. We're working on a documentary that will chronicle the beginning of 9/11 from Afghanistan during the Soviet occupation to the attacks on September 11th. It will be factual. We will not need to exaggerate, manipulate, or lie. History is history. And it repeats itself.
You will see the clear escalation of events leading up to 9/11 and how 19 men with boxcutters IS NOT a far fetched theory, but rather a grim reality. Stay tuned for further updates. If anyone is interested in helping to edit the piece and is versed in Final Cut Pro drop us an email.

And as side note, here's the first four minutes of the Kingdom. It very stylishly (but briefly) chronicles the path to 9/11 with particular focus on Saudi Arabia's oil trade with the US. It's an interesting watch.



rmwarnick said...

If you are going to stick closely to the facts, then you ought to know the use of box cutters by the 9/11 hijackers is based on a phone call from a single witness, Barbara Olson on American Flight 77. Others reported knives and possibly other types of weapons such as a chemical spray.

Neighborhood Rationalist said...

You gotta go to that event and wreak some havoc, my friend.

Neighborhood Rationalist said...

I plan on it. In response to waht RMWarnick said, yes I'm aware there were other weapons most likely used (great link by the way). I was speaking very generally. Boxcutters, mace, switchblades, that's just too implausible. Controlled demolitions make far more sense.

ConsDemo said...

Thanks for the blog. Have you asked your library if they permit showings from hate groups? For example, would the Klan be allowed to show a movie? Holocaust Deniers? If the library would prohibit those groups, they have a good cause to prohibit LC:FC. It is driven by hate and is certainly no more credible than Holocaust Denier or White Supremacy.