Friday, December 21, 2007

Let's kick this off...

Hey there,
My name's Andrew Mitchell. I stumbled upon a Facebook group entitled "There is no 9/11 conspiracy you morons" after a friend of mine posted his ravings about the conspiracy laden film Zeitgeist. I joined the group but was frustrated at the lack of activity and, honestly, stupidity of the content being uploaded (mostly America, Fuck Yeah! and other redneck banter). Noticing the admin slot was empty, I took it over, managed and retooled some things, and in the months that have followed, the group has nearly tripled in its size and the contributing content is first rate.

The group has been a wonderful place for debate and the spreading of information from various sources. Myself and three of the more prominent members of the group have formed this blog as a way to post our own articles and highlight some of the activities in the group.

Let's face it, it's college kids and high schoolers who are the main demographic of the "Truth Movement". That's why I believe Facebook is an integral part of ensuring no more kids get caught up in this mess. Our group, and by extension this blog, is a safe haven for those who feel surrounded by these wild theories and a place for conspiracy theorists to test their beliefs.

I encourage you, whether a conspiracy theorist, or avid debunker, join us in civil debate. We'll share our credible information with you, you share yours. But please, let's stay away from the youtube videos. If you can't prove a point without the aid of some stranger's iMovie, you're lost.

Check back often, we've got some really great articles on their way and lots of fun stuff to report from the group. Happy holidays and be safe,


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