Saturday, December 22, 2007


Greetings Readers,

I would like to use this post to introduce myself. My name is Aaron. Have a degree in Physics and Mathematics and I am currently working as a professional Physicist. I have previously worked at labs run by the Schlumberger corporation in Ridgefield, Houston and Princeton. I have also previously worked at Fermi National Accelerator lab(Fermilab.) I plan on starting my PhD in the fall of 2008.

I originally came across the facebook group that spawned this blog from a random search. After posting for a bit I took on a more official role and which has eventually lead me to this blog.

Because of my background and experiences with the sciences, I hope to contribute, analyze and argue technical aspects of 9/11 which are so hotly(yet unjustifiably) debated in the 9/11 conspiracy circles.

Additionally I hope to be able to contribute to the non-technical and “softer” aspects of the conspiracy movement.

I strongly believe that there is no internal conspiracy within any western governments surrounding the attacks on 9/11. Additional, I feel that the energy spent on “exposing” the truth on 9/11 could be better spent on domestic and international matters that are of much more importance.

It is essential that the 9/11 conspiracy movement is debunked and exposed for what it is. A poison that is peddled to people in the form of seductive filmmaking, incorrect scientific analysis and bombastic nonsensical banter. Only then can we all truly face the challenges that are presented to us in the post 9/11 world.



Andrew said...

i know this is kind of unrelated, but I've got a few questions.

How do you feel about Iraq, i.e., what is our current situation and what should we do about it?

What's the deal with Iran? What are our options?

What's the current oil situation? What are our option for the future and what can we do about it?

I understand this blog is all about 9/11, but I think if we can get critical thinking about other current events then we can all become more aware.

chunkylimey said...

Keep this up. If we can debunk the conspiracy theories people could focus their energy on real problems: Global Warming, economic inequality, corporate corruption, etc. Teach people rational skepticism so they can identify real conspiracies rather than delusional ones.

Col. Jenny Sparks said...

I strongly believe that there is no internal conspiracy within any western governments surrounding the attacks on 9/11.

You are extraordinarily naive. Few people what that know how the real world works would deny ANY complicity or foreknowledge from the Anglo-American intelligence agencies or their corporate fronts.

Welcome to the info-war zone, sunshine. ;-)

Neighborhood Rationalist said...

Thank you for the comments.

As for commenting on Iraq and Iran, I don't think it is appropriate for this blog. Also because I do not know the stand the other authors of this blog, have on those countries or political situations. I am confident though that each one of us, authors, hold the same beliefs when it comes to the 9/11 conspiracy movement. That said I feel I can comment on the oil situation because I have worked for an Oil company before as an analyst and a scientist.

Oil is going to run out eventually but it won't be completely dire for quite some time. We can expect oil production to not meet oil demand by 2017 and we can expect nightmare prices around 2040-2050. In that time we can expect to see alternative forms of energy maturing which is encouraging. Just from a capitalistic standpoint, someone will further develop this technology because there will be money to be made. I am actually very optimistic of the oil situation, I think we will all get through it eventually but there will be problems along the way.

As for the poster, Jenny sparks,the next article I will post is for you "Sunshine"


Sword of Truth said...

AAron - I posted a note over at Screw Loose Change and they have added you to thier blog-roll of those who fight the tin-foil turban crowd.

A Mid-Knight in B Block said...

Aaron and Co. welcome and also
check out

Col. Jenny Sparks said...

As for the poster, Jenny sparks,the next article I will post is for you "Sunshine"

Tingling with excitement, I am. Will it be anything like this?

Charming, innit?

Or are you planning to regurgitate Nico's latest?

It's all been done before, luv. Nothing new under this disinfo sun. We're calling the shots now and your new mates know it.

Don't believe Aunt Jenny? Ask them why they agreed to a Christmas cease fire. You'll learn loads...

I may not be back anytime soon. I finally moved someplace where there's real snow for Christmas. Going to enjoy it, I am.

Enjoy your disinfo fest. ;-)

Jon said...

"Ask them why they agreed to a Christmas cease fire?"

I'd like to ask Jenny why she proposed one. She was attacking James for not agreeing to one before xmas. Either she wins or we lose! :P

Neighborhood Rationalist said...


I don't even know what you are talking about. What cease fire are you talking about? I checked that article and I think you need to grow up if you believe this website is going to be like that. The article is posted. Please comment on that if you wish.

Also, if you are going to comment please do so in a less emotional and a more mature manor.

Sword of Truth said...

Gentlemen (and lady), myself and several others have long suspected that the atrociously violent imagery in the blog Sparks linked to was the product of the fertile imagination of Sparks herself.

The "kill twoofers" blog came at the zenith of a barrage of sock puppets over at "Screw Loose Change" that included fake holocaust deniers, fake members of the SLC team, fake no-planers and appearantly fake cyber stalkers all of wich came to an end with the banning of the recalcitrant Ms. Sparks.

That "Jenny" is still milking that cow more than 8 months later is evidence that she has a vested interest in keeping the issue going.

Neighborhood Rationalist said...


thank you for this information. The team will be keeping this in mind.

Col. Jenny Sparks said...


As they all know--"killtwoofers" was the work of Nico Haupt--which he admitted via sock puppet on 911Blogger about a week later.

All part of the op...

Neighborhood Rationalist said...

Regardless, no one from this blog participated in any of that nonsense. As such, please stop discussing your personal matters here. Thank you.

Col. Jenny Sparks said...

If Sword of Truth--who has the most interesting fixation on a certain piece of pdoh's anatamy-- stops fibbing, I'll stop setting him straight, like.

And the king of sockpuppets is B.J.Edwards of 911Booger.

Want proof? I've got it. Behave and I won't post it here.


PS: "manor" is a large estate house.

"manner" is "how one does something".

Just thought a rationalist like you might want a heads up on that distinction. ;-)

Neighborhood Rationalist said...

Thank you for pointing that out and thank you for showing level of maturity.

Conspiracy Smasher said...

Poor Jenny, one of the many conspiracy clowns who doesn't allow rationalists to post on her own blog. I hear she is a zamboni driver in Canada somewhere...