Saturday, December 19, 2009

What? Sloppy research at Killtown? Never!

The most recent Killtown post has finally found the smoking gun in that one newspaper reported that the flight recorders had been found before other newspapers did.

CNN reported finding the Flight 93 black box on the 13th, and cockpit voice recorder was found "late Friday," the 14th.

Killtown in its desperation has compared this to the notorious 9/11 deniers' goof of thinking that "the government" (whoever that is) gave away their "master plan" because a reporter from the BBC announced that WTC 7 was probably going to collapse when WTC 7 was in fact probably going to collapse. Of course, that neither the dozens of people on the BBC staff who could've come forward to agree with how suspicious that would be nor the staff of my own current residence's newspaper - nor that this would mean indicting the freakin' BBC and the Post-Gazette in 9/11 - has apparently phased the increasingly desperate denialist movement.

I find that with troubling regularity 9/11 deniers refuse to engage in second-order cognition. This piece starts and ends with, "one newspaper said something before other newspapers did," but refuse to consider that, when they get their day in court (broken link unintentional... get it?), their evidence here will be, "one newspaper said something different than what another newspaper said, therefore... rest my case!"

No, Killtown. First of all, it is ambiguous which day your first link is even referring to, because it simply gives a time, not a day, and believing WaPo's "government source" as the paragon of journalistic virtue is almost as ridiculous as, well... believing WaPo when it writes pretty much anything. In any other world, these guys are your "Zionist-owned media shills," so please, don't pretend you accept them uncritically now.


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