Friday, December 18, 2009

Holy moley, we're celebrities!

Speculating ludicrously about our romantic lives, demanding to know about our daily routines... I think these guys are trying to let a few ad homs and death threats go to my head!

The sad:

They think our awesome Facebook group is shrinking when it is, slowly but surely, growing. We keep track of this sort of thing, guys!

"Ken C's" quote that "if I told you I had a red apple and I even took a picture showing it was red... they would still argue that apples can be green!!! LOL"

...apples... can, in fact, be green.

His further assertion is that us skeptics have nothing on our side but name-calling. Really, Ken? I know, we're such a "shill cult," that must be all us poor skeptics have...

One of our wackier trolls, the guy whose only personal interest appears to be about the romantic lives of other men, is also apparently trying to convince himself of his own intent in trolling our group. At least he admitted he had a bit of lying issue going on, and was apparently rather hopeful in finding other sexual perverts, but really man, "going to apologize" was clearly not the intent of your latest happy visit to our group.

This is what these guys really seem to be interested in these days. Hint: It ain't that old "truth about 9/11" thing...

And next, these guys are sitting around speculating if I've broken up with my (wicked awesome and basically perfect) girlfriend? If you're finally in the business of apologizing for being caught BSing, guys, you've got a lot of work to do!

I mean... y'all do know you're saying these things in public, right?


Craig Welbourn said...

After being on a few 9/11 forums, I've come to the conclusion that there isn't a real debate Instead, the 'debunkers' are like a bunch of puerile 8th graders heckling university professors.

J said...

Really? What aspect of their behavior such as is demonstrated here has convinced you of that?