Friday, December 25, 2009

Oh, those poor voices of reason

First of all, happy holidays to all our readers from CRNU! Too many holidays to go around, but, whichever one(s) you're celebrating... enjoy!

Second, check out what happens when someone curious member of "the movement" dares ask why most 9/11 deniers are obsessed with promoting blind bigotry than that whole, you know, capital-T Truth business. This is from one of the few remaining 9/11 denier Facebook groups.

"Hey guys... every stupid thing you have to say about Jewish people is embarrassing and has been debunked since 2003."
"Oh yeah, shill? What about all these nonsensical claims from 2002?"
"She's one of them!"

Present as always is one of our former regular trolls, who lists as his "home page" this unbelievable website, who hails as one of its heroes the openly racist, post-successful Henry Ford. Pleading its readers to "please hear what he had to say" in his screed The International Jew, iamthewitness demonstrates Ford buying everything from the fraudulent Protocols of the Elders of Zion to the belief that Jews caused alcoholism.

Demonstrating that, between 1921 and 2009, nothing has changed about how rabid bigots see the world. All that has changed are their excuses.

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