Sunday, October 26, 2008

Who's ready for some facepalm?

So they've proven they aren't good at argumentation, logic, reasoning, PowerPoint, or any of the other fundamentals of intellectual life.

And now it seems has presented the pinnacle of terrible, obnoxious, squeaky, grainy, proof that 9/11 deniers have even less creative talent than intellectual talent. Presenting what we here would (like to call "My First Conspiracy Theory Video," made by someone who probably has a YouTube account that includes one of the following phrases in its name: "Ron Paul," "Illuminati Killer," or "Ganja4LYFE." Just a guess.

We here at CRNU usually don't like to give Troofers the trackback time of day, but in this case, we're pretty sure that this is going to scare off and horrify more people than it inspires (though that's circumspect given what we know about the opposition). Are we having bursting capillaries yet?


Christopher said...

You know that if you type rel="nofollow" after the url google won't count it as a link to the site. This also helps to cut down on the comment spam from the tin-hats

longge said...

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