Saturday, October 25, 2008

Are there any 9/11 deniers who are not closet racists?

So there's this guy, these guys and these ones as well.

Taking a quick look around the other side you see these guys, people like this (yeah, that's the eugenics guy, who also routinely makes racist statements about both Jews and Muslims, whom he considers to be all "one race") and people like this who make YouTube videos like these.


...And they cry and whine about being "dismissed" when shown their own words.

When you're asked to show your evidence for your pet theory, and your reply is that "Philip Zelikow is a Jew," that is a racist statement. When your argument against the bailout bill is that it gives more power to "the Jew Banksters," sorry, you're a racist. When you argue that 9/11 was an inside job because it "helped Israel," you're at the very least race-baiting.

And if you're going to argue that water fluoridation is a mind-control conspiracy and that the government kidnaps children to push RFID technology, don't whine about not being taken seriously. You're a credulous, gullible dupe who has sold out every ounce of your reason and your skepticism to a growing army of t-shirt and DVD peddlers looking to make a quick buck.

If you are or act even close to any of these people, sorry, you've surrendered your ability to think and, hence, your right to be taken seriously.


Edmund Standing said...

water fluoridation is a mind-control conspiracy and that the government kidnaps children to push RFID technology

U forgot 2 mention teh chemtrailz!!!11!

Ben said...

In future, it might help to take screenshots of the posts in question, because they tend to get deleted when the people are banned for racism. Now we just get a lot of "Post Deleted" icons.

Erik said...

yeah, i'm not a closet racist and I'm one of the 81% of Americans who suspect the Bush Administration is "hiding something" or "mostly lying" about 9/11.

Edmund Standing said...
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Edmund Standing said...

Erik, let's look at those figures.

Telling the truth 16%

Hiding something 53%

Mostly lying 28%

'Hiding something' = covering up incompetence in the form of intelligence failures, failure to act decisively regarding intelligence, poor management on the day, and so on. It's not support for 'inside job' crap or the notion that Jihadists weren't responsible for planning and executing 9/11.

28% of the US population may be partial to full-on MIHOP. A large proportion of those hold bizarre views on lots of topics, including race, particularly relating to Jews.

Don't think the US population believing in your whacky theories makes them any more credible than other superstitions, pseudo-science, and pseudo-history either.

To give a few examples from another Angus Reid poll:

74% believe angels exist

62% believe in a literal devil

41% believe in ghosts

39% think the Book of Genesis is a literal historical document

31% believe in witches (of the Satanic black magic spell casting variety)

29% believe in astrology.

If I were you, I'd give up on your embarrassing polls, with your 28% MIHOP lunacy that isn't even as much as those who believe in witchcraft!

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