Sunday, August 3, 2008

This group has about 385 people too many for my comfort...

Thanks to Daniel for finding this group, which is quite simply put unbelievable.

Not all of our readers are on Facebook, so, just to give some quick background, on Facebook people can create "groups" which are their own independent discussions forums generally dedicated more or less to one specific topic. The following is the introductory "description" of a group called (and this is serious) "The NWO/illuminati is Planning a Staged Alien Invasion(Project Bluebeam):"

The bloodline families of the illuminati are planning a Staged Alien Invasion, and it nears, rapidly. The evidence is overwhelming and can no longer be denied. With the recent announcement from the Vatican informing it's followers worldwide that it's now ok to believe in aliens, the stage has been set. Everyday we are being bombarded with Staged Alien Invasion programming from the illuminati controlled media and entertainment industry.

The aliens will be the new terrorists, the war on the aliens will be the new war on terrorism, the 'war on the aliens' will be used to enslave the people of the planet and usher in the New World Order.

The Roswell UFO incident was staged, and was used to bring the idea of aliens and UFO's into the mass consciousness of people worldwide. That is one example of Staged Alien Invasion programming. A current example is the Vatican with it's recent announcement. This page will be used to document the most pressing issue on the planet almost no one knows about, the coming Staged Alien Invasion.

Try to wrap your head around that. The Illuminati secretly controls all the media and all the governments of the earth. And they stage "false-flag" alien invasions in order to enslave humanity under the New World Order.

You don't say.

Well at least the tinfoil-hatters are finally acknowledging that UFOs aren't real, right?

And of course, their description closes with the usual "caveat:"

"I'm not interested in debunkers and NO threatening, racist, or dirty comments[.]"

Compare with the second sentence of the description:

The evidence is overwhelming and can no longer be denied.

The evidence is overwhelming and impossible to don't try to argue with it. Never before has the major glaring difference between skeptics and woo-woos been more apparent: we create groups to debate, they create groups to prevent debate. Anyone wanting to know "well, what's wrong with having faith in an off-beat belief or two?" Well, here you have it. I can't imagine any of these people can have their conviction changed by the evidence: they're simply that far gone. Anyone who didn't read this group description and laugh needs to seriously reconsider how they view the world and what they think of empirical evidence. Quite simply, this group is unbelievable.

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