Saturday, August 16, 2008

9/11 Truthers abandon 2008 ballot initiative

9/11 deniers have given up on their ballot initiative and are now waiting to try again next year with the same signatures.

This is actually quite surprising to us. It would seem like anything that the 9/11 deniers could fraudulently frame as “honoring the 9/11 victims” or anything along those lines would draw signatures by the tens of thousands. By some epic feat of incompetence, they failed to cull from millions of people a meager thirty thousand to sign onto their ridiculous pledge.

Let’s take a moment to consider the hysterically poor job 9/11 deniers did on this one. New York City itself is home to eight million people , and forty million people if you count the metropolitan area. They were required to get 30,000, but got only 27,000. This means that, by percentage, they could not get any more than zero point three seven five percent of the population to agree with them.

0.375%, and a large enough population to generalize about the nation at large. Where is your 84% now?


Sword of Truth said...

I don't think New York can be used to generalize about the United States population as a whole.

But this just cuts harder against the twoofers. New York went solidly to the democrats both in 2000 and 2004 and will likely do so again this year (even with Rudy Guilianis endorsement and his own bi-partisan deal-maker reputation, John McCain is unlikely to change that).

If anything, New Yorkers would be more willing to investigate something that happened under a republican presidents watch then the average US citizen, which makes the twoofers poor showing even more laughable.

Anonymous said...

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