Sunday, January 2, 2011

Getting attention in the CT World

I have yet to see anyone describe 2010 as anything but a terrible year for 9/11 denial. Screw Loose Change is already working on a wonderful month-by-month of the "movement's" ill-attended conferences, absurd internal squabbles, and multiple failed publicity attempts. All I can say is that its two big "victories" that I noticed were the "BREAKTHROUGH" that Colorado Public Access Television planned to broadcast one of the versions of Loose Change, and the BuildingWhat? ad campaign. If any New Yorkers have actually seen any evidence of this campaign thus far let me know, because so far I have been literally unable to find the ad content outside of YouTube.

9/11 deniers should be unsurprised at this long, tortuous turn of events. The movement has been unable to generate a new, truly argument-worthy claim in years. Witness today's top "9/11 News" on Infowars: That someone who calls himself an engineer thinks that

“WTC 7 is the Achilles’ heel,” he said. “That (building) did come down at free-fall acceleration.”

Apparently, it is sufficient to copy-paste the mission statement of AE911 onto a blog post to make headlines in the cult these days. I e-mailed him and the Infowars webmaster once again with the same, simple question ("Why did the penthouses on top of WTC 7 collapse first?") - no response, once again, is expected.

The front page news in the cult community has been the same for five years. The last time something new was tried - the Judy Wood insanity comes to mind - the movement fractured and hemorrhaged a few thousand more members.

2010 was a year of closed doors and shrunken rooms for 9/11 denial. The problem is obvious: They have nothing convincing, nothing that truly invigorates the grassroots now that the current retinue of faith has been long-refuted by the likes of 911myths, Screw Loose Change and Popular Mechanics. They need new claims, and to jettison the old ones, pronto. Otherwise, I will soon find myself out of blog fodder!

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