Saturday, July 12, 2008

Dennis Kucinich's conference call with some Twoofers...

It was with some horror that us here at CRNU learned that Dennis Kucinich actually entertained 9/11 deniers on a conference call yesterday. Kucinich is basically the poster child of harebrained leftist causes, but people who have worked in politics know that he is actually well-respected and well-liked on Capitol Hill even by his lifelong opponents; he’s energetic, honest, and intelligent.

Regardless of what’s wannabe association with him would have us believe.

That’s why it was with some relief that I actually listened to the call. Kucinich did throw out a few idiotic buzzwords like “empire” and “take back our government” and other things you usually only hear from Ron Paul supporters and, ironically, the far-right fringe, but overall, it sounded like the Twoofers walked away disappointed.

First, he sounded bored. He made it clear that he “could only stay ten, fifteen minutes,” and deliberately shut down any conversation about “9/11 truth” – ostensibly, the only reason this bunch wanted him on the call. Second, he was boring – he offered a few shallow paeans to grassroots organization in the vague, bigger-picture sense...and then he was out.

Some large-sounding truther angrily demanded to know why Kucinich hadn’t “followed through” on a demand posed to him a year and a half ago by another twoofer about investigating the fraudulent stock options snafu. Kucinich basically made it clear that he didn’t remember what he was talking about, didn’t care, and wasn’t into launching investigations over, um, really, really stupid ideas. He actively shut down a question about whether Bush had (and this was a serious question) “taken away all of Congress’s power.”

This is part of a larger body of evidence in favor of what virtually everybody but’s headmasters knows clearly: politicians are embarrassed of you. Dennis Kucinich is embarrassed of you. Liberals in general are embarrassed of you [the introduction to "Debunking" makes this point well, and Jim Meagues and David Dunbar both made this point clear in the debate where they owned the Loose Change boys]. The Libertarian Party is embarrassed of you. Even Ron Paul is at least slightly embarrassed of you (even though he realized you were about 99% of his fan base). And, of course, the 95% of people between the far left and the far right don’t want to have anything to do with you. You guys are so bizarre, so absurd, and so flatly wrong that you poison everything you touch. You turned Ron Paul’s campaign into a circus. You’re turning Dennis Kucinich into much the same.

Never mind the inherent contradiction here. You guys don’t even know what you want. Ron Paul wanted to dismantle most central government programs, shrink the budget, turn over more power to the states, and either cripple or outright destroy most of our oldest Federal institutions. Dennis Kucinich wants to increase the strength of the Federal government, use the government to help fight problems like global warming, engage the U.N., N.A.T.O., etc. in helping repair America’s image abroad, and so on. The two could not be more different – except that they’re both being followed around by a hoard of babbling, chunky sign-wavers.

Look, guys, let’s be straight for a moment. No political cause wants you. Nobody wants your stupid ideas around. You lost the arguments about the facts – all of them – years ago. You’re not only wrong, you’re crazy, you’re bullies, you’re a confederacy of dunces. If you want to be tinfoil-hat-wearing, basement-dwelling whiners who think about as coherently and consistently as a palsic ground slug traveling uphill, that’s your business. Don’t pretend its anybody else’s.

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