Friday, May 30, 2008

The Invent Your Own Conspiracy Contest!

MSNBC reporter and famous television narrator Lester Holt, describing the tragic crane collapse that happened earlier today, just said that there were reports that the loud, crushing sounds of the crane breaking sounded like "demolition charges."

You know what this contest is about. Post your own conspiracy theory - who did it and why? Was it those devilish Zionists? Maybe the military-industrial complex? Was it "thermide" [sic], C-4, laser beams from space? Which war was the controlled demolition done to justify? You be the judge! Leave us your comment on this post!

Prize yet to be determined. Conspiracy theories will be judged on internal coherency and accurate spoofing of popular conspiracy theories and the conspiracy theorist mindset. This is an open contest, so tell all your friends!


Edmund Standing said...

Conspiracy theories will be judged on internal coherency

Yeah, but most real conspiracy theories fall on this count.

John said...

That's why it's a CONTEST! I don't mean *evidence* (let's not go crazy here!), I mean, would it make sense in the mind of someone who is a conspiracy theorist?

longge said...

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