Wednesday, May 28, 2008

9/11 Denial: Out. Vaccine Denial: In. has apparently thrown its hat in with the vaccine-denial crowd. Two days ago it posted an article which seems to at least imply it agrees with the claims of its subjects, namely, that the military anthrax vaccine is ineffective (which is, of course, a lie.)

The following quotes from the article pretty much sum up the quality of the journalism involved.

They found it created thousands of adverse reactions and was unnecessary.

Meanwhile, thousands of service members have developed sicknesses, some extremely debilitating, that have been linked by them or others to one or more of the six-shot vaccine series or the annual boosters.

The vaccine has a long history of controversy over its safety and licensing dating back to before the 1991 Gulf War, and especially in the years after the conflict, when scores of service members taking it complained of adverse reactions.

What do "thousands of..." and "scores of..." have in common? They are not numbers. The author of this article is, for example, thousands of people. Specifically, point zero zero one thousands.

Of course, the CDC can provide us with some numbers, and, shockingly, the vaccine is completely safe and effective. They conducted a study that compared anthrax infection among blue-collar workers and found

In this vaccine study, 25 out of 754 unvaccinated workers got infected with anthrax, but only 1 out of 379 vaccinated workers did (92.5% protection).

The 92.5 % protection level was combined, for both cutaneous and inhalational anthrax infection. [...] In the mill-workers study, 5 unvaccinated workers developed inhalational anthrax, but no vaccinated worker did. Four of the 5 unvaccinated workers died of inhalational anthrax (80% fatal).

The article says "An initial scientific study in 1962 included an insufficient number of inhalation exposures of those working in goat hair mills to reach any conclusions of the vaccine's effectiveness" as a means of implying that the latest studies are also inconclusive, which is also a lie. The sample size is apparently in total 754+379=1,133, and its a general rule of thumb that so long as your sample size is greater than thirty you're going to get some sort of trend from which you can extrapolate sound conclusions.

But it gets better. The article goes on to state in no subtle terms the accusation that the domestic anthrax attacks shortly after 9/11 were part of a conspiracy to help sell the vaccines.

That probe, says Fox News, recently identified three or four new suspects at an Army bioweapons lab intricately involved in helping to support the need for the mandated vaccine. They include a deputy commander, an anthrax scientist and a microbiologist. Curiously, at that point in time, the vaccine's continued use was being threatened by closer scrutiny from the US Department of Defense and other Bush administration officials. That review withered away after the attacks. However, the DOD then used the domestic incidents to claim the foreign threat was "real."


In October 1998, Dingle and Rempfer first became "Tiger Team Alpha." Col. Walter Burns...created the two-man team to investigate the history, safety and legality of the anthrax vaccine...After a couple of months' of intensive research, Dingle and Rempfer concluded the vaccine was improperly licensed, and potentially a health danger to the troops. Those findings are still supported by many today.

However, BioPort Corporation, now Emergent BioSolutions, the vaccine's manufacturer, insists the drug is safe and effective. That position is fully endorsed by the US Food and Drug Administration and the Pentagon. Nonetheless, the manufacturer's health warnings and precautions are intricate, including what are characterized as rare, unproven serious reactions....

BioPort purchased the vaccine and its plant in 1998 from the former Michigan Biologics Products Institute, created in 1996 by the State of Michigan. That purchase inspired its own public flak.

Two of the purchasers were formerly part of the state operations. A third was former US Adm. William Crowe, first head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under former President George H.W. Bush, then ambassador to Great Britain in the presidential administration of Bill Clinton. Crowe was said by ABC News to have acquired his interest without investing a penny of his own money....

...And it goes on like that. Relying on nonexistent numbers, hearsay, and an aside involving new suspects in the 2001 anthrax case as reported by the worst news channel on television, they have managed to fulfill pretty much every stereotype about the tinfoil-hat conspiracy theorist you've got: the big bad pharmaceutical companies in cahoots with the military and the CDC conspired to attack Americans with anthrax to peddle unsafe vaccines to soldiers fighting wars prompted by the terrorist attacks of 9/11 - which, of course, these same people evidently also orchestrated. My pet cat Gwen is laughing her little feline behind off at the transparent absurdity of all this, and she walks into screen doors and eats dead bugs all day.


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Lori said...

Vioxx was considered a safe drug too, it was pulled off the market because of the problems that started happening during wide spread use. Navidia was recently pulled off the market, again approved by the FDA after problems developed with it.
Vaccines are NOT safe. Squalene is used in many of the military vaccines & has been known to cause MAJOR health issues in people.
The flu vaccine contains 25 mcg of mercury. According to the EPAs own website, this is a toxic load of mercury for one person for one day. If a vial of vaccine was dropped & broken open at a vaccine clinic, hazmat would have to be called in to clean it up. So why is it ok to inject this poison into people?
17 girls died during the clinical trials of Gardisil but yet it was cleared for the market. Over 100 have died & over 20,000 have been injured by this vaccine since it came on the market. It is estimated that only 10% of vaccine injuries make it onto the VAERS reporting system since it is controlled by big pharma. They want to protect their million dollar income every year that comes in from the use of vaccines.
As a 20 year independent researcher on vaccines, perhaps you should do a little research before attacking the anti-vaccine crowd.

Neighborhood Rationalist said...

None of your facts are correct. For the most common flu vaccines the mercury content is zero, and 25mcg of the type of mercury in vaccines is not dangerous to human beings. You have conflated methyl mercury and metallic mercury.

Gardasil has been used by 40 million people. If there had been even 100 cases of deaths linked to itse use (those claims are bogus), a.000025% adverse reaction rate would make receiving a Gardasil injection one of the safest medical procedures of all time. Oh, did I mention it effectively prevents HPV in girls?

After 20 years of independent research, you have made basic factual errors and been dishonest in ways that five minutes on Google could dispell. Shame on you.