Tuesday, April 29, 2008


So twoofers post videos online all the time. Usually they're harassing somebody with a video camera screaming about their freedom of speech. What reaction do they get? Somebody pissed off who's trying to get away from these aggravating morons. "Victory!" they say, "they're running away from the truth!" No you imbeciles. You'd do the same if somebody penetrated your personal space with a digital camera and nasally voice.

But they've stooped to a new low. We've all had grandfathers. They get to that point when their hearing generally goes, and to try and not look stupid when they can't understand something, they'll generally concede, nod their head, do anything to try and connect with those around them. President Jimmy Carter was at a book signing and asked if he would support an investigation into 9/11. He said: "sounds good". Listen to the noise in the room. Look at the completely lack of confidence in his face. Picking on an old man for proof of legitimacy? Sounds like a failing house of cards to me. Well, judge for yourself:


John said...

I remember a few years ago when I was at the mall, and I ordered a subscription to Rolling Stone just to get this ambush salesman off my back. Immediately after receiving the first issue, I canceled the subscription. To this day, despite having canceled the subscription, I still get new issues.

Yeah, it's kinda like that.

GoodNewsAtheism said...

Well, for when lying and stupidity don't work for you, do they even MAKE a better tertiary avenue than deceiving the eldery? I contend that they do not.

I referred somone on Warcraft III to this post today, by the way.

Neighborhood Rationalist said...

Thanks for the referral. Just out of curiosity, how did you hear about our blog?

Also, I checked yours, goodnewsatheism, and will check back often. Love your work friend.

John said...

Chris, you play WC3? Depuis quand?