Thursday, April 10, 2008

Fun With Google Trends

Google Trends” is one of the neatest time-wasters the Interwebs has ever provided. The premise is simple: you type in one or more searchable terms, and it graphs how popular that item is among Googlers everywhere. It’s also handy for getting some laughs at the 9/11 deniers’ expense.

How often have you heard twoofers describe themselves as part of a “growing movement?” A “huge” or even “global” organization, perhaps? Well, for starters, they didn’t even have enough search engine visibility to be on the radar until about 2006:

Fig. 1-1: The search term “9/11 truth,” used as the banner for many, m a n y 9/11 denier sites. Hey, what’s that crazy spike in 2006? We’ll get to that, don’t worry.

Fig. 1-2: The search term “loose change,” complete with news items. There wasn’t even a significantly-read news piece about the stupid movie itself until 2006, and – hey, is that a “Popular Mechanics Bump” going on there?

A Popular Mechanics Bump? Could it really be? The greatest opportunity for open ridicule of the 9/11 deniers of all time?

Is the 9/11 conspiracy theory movement piggy-back-riding the very critics it denounces as “shills” and “liars,” who it targets for murder and death?

Not only is Popular Mechanics infinitely more popular; but also, evidently the only time anybody even reads about the 9/11 denier movement, they’re reading about it getting slammed by the skeptics.

Everyone who has surveyed the rise and extremely rapid decline of the 9/11 denier movement has already recognized this on some level – not only has it clearly completely fallen apart, and its critics grown more numerous and vocal, but it was never that popular to begin with.

Pop quiz kids. Who is more popular: A movement comprised of dozens of pomo academics, thousands of angry Facebookers, a few carnies in it for the money, armed with quasi-lucrative DVD and book sales...

...or me?

Of course, I’m just being mischievous – “John Ray” was a famous botanist and theologian, owns an oil company, makes guitars in Spain, sounds sad upon the radio...

But the point is, how seriously can they really take themselves (or be taken by anyone else) when it becomes obvious that their proclaimed “strength” and “credibility” are transparent shams? How must it feel to only be recognized when you’re being debunked and ridiculed? How can they cling desperately onto their image as a morally-superior popular movement, when the fact is that many more people are on the side of reality?

Wake up and smell the Internet traffic, kids. You’re a cranky subculture that has boxed itself into a shrinking corner through your systematic alienation of anyone and everyone with a brain between his, her, and/or their ears. Especially considering that the Internet is about the only place where you've been allowed to fester unchecked, you've essentially lost on your home turf. Just so there's no illusion, and just so all of the data are perfectly clear: Nobody Agrees With You.


orphia_nay said...

LOL for real! Funny stuff.

The "Truth" Movement is dead. All that remains are zombies... no, wait, they were all zombies to begin with. ;)

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