Monday, May 23, 2011

AE911T Tries To Debunk Judy Woods

If anyone wants insight into cognitive dissonance, you're in for a treat. AE911 has tried to debunk Judy Woods' energy weapons conspiracy theory.
They have precisely one basis of criticism and that is that their insane conspiracy theory generates marginally fewer decibels of laughter from the rest of us than Woods.' Their version - where a fictional, Roland Emmerich movie-version of the low-explosive material thermite was invisibly installed on what would've had to be thousands of building columns by the metric ton, and then ignited out of order by nonexistent people, oh and also the whole "radical Islamist" thing is a hologram - apparently pales in comparison to Judy Woods' theory that lasers from space destroyed the World Trade Center. You know, one's crazy. The other. Um.

Check out how close AE911 gets to admitting that its own theory is utter absurdity. When comparing the ability of Judy Woods' theory and their own to explaining the "collapse profile" of the Towers, this nugget drops:

In order for the core column breaks to be so straight and horizontal, DEW technology would have to have the following features:

• Be capable of a sufficiently sharp focus for it to attack all or most of the columns at a given level at the same time, but only the ends of those columns;

• Be capable of having its target level move down the building without changing the angle at which it cuts the columns;

• Be capable of having its target level move down at two-thirds of freefall acceleration (as measured by David Chandler), and perhaps other acceleration rates;

• Be capable of having multiple target levels, so that it could destroy the falling upper section of each tower while also destroying the lower section, to create the illusion that the upper section is crushing the lower section, even though that upper section is in itself being destroyed; and

• Be capable of destroying only those connections between steel columns that still form part of the buildings’ structures, leaving untouched the hundreds or thousands of steel assemblies and steel pieces that can be seen flying out of each tower in huge clouds.

In addition to all these features, Wood's alleged secret DEW technology would have to be able to pulverize most of the concrete in both Towers and Building 7, and in the case of the Twin Towers, fling 90% of the buildings' mass outside their footprints. such technology would also have to be able to account for the evidence relating to molten iron, nano-engineered energetic material, and the sights and sounds of explosions described below. Why posit sophisticated secret technology to explain these observations, when some combination of thermitic incendiaries and explosives placed throughout the buildings can explain them much more simply, without making wild assumptions?

I couldn't not laugh at that last sentence. Yes, wild assumptions. Which procurement officer was in charge of shipping in that thermite for Bush, by the way?

This is insanity at its finest. It is either deeply cynical condescension to AE911's reader(s), or mere stupidity. I can't tell. I just can't tell.


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david said...

This piece of effluent passing as an article makes me laugh. The ineptitude and low IQ of the author is hilarious!
It involves the usual ad hominems against conspiracy theories with zero facts to back it up.
The absolute idiocy of the statement "Which procurement officer was in charge of shipping in that thermite for Bush?" is the height of moronic retardation. OBVIOUSLY if the sycophantic f-tard who wrote the article did any research whatsoever, he'd realise that the largest elevator modernisation occurred in the 9 months leading up to 911 with full access to all core columns. Besides using the scientific method and logic (a big stretch for the mindless simpletons that attack 911truth) the nanothermite discovered throughout the dust and the iron microspheres are outright proof of controlled demolition.

If you don't understand, just re-read my post, slowly.......

PookztA said...

Dr. Wood has never said laser beams were used nor has she said they were used from space. You are apparently confusing what Dr. Wood's book is about with what Dr. Jones and Mr. Gage have said in order to cover up the evidence Dr. Wood has presented in her book.

Dr. Wood does not have a theory and Dr. Wood does not have an hypothesis. Dr. Wood presents evidence that no one else seems able to address. Otherwise they would address the evidence instead of engaging in ad hominem distractions. But you now know better and so you have a choice whether you wish to participate in a cover up or address the evidence.

Good luck with your choice,


AdvanceHeating said...

@ PookztA
Well stated P. Nice and simple - sticking to the facts is great.

AdvanceHeating said...

@ PookztA
Well stated P. Nice and simple - sticking to the facts is great.