Saturday, February 19, 2011

Numerology Makes a Comeback at Killtown

Killtown brings up an excellent point: Because there are thirty-three levels in the hierarchy of Freemasonry, the government did 9/11. No, really.

In the "I'm just sayin'" style that characterizes every statement of sheer lunacy announced cautiously to a readership that might-just-might be as crazy as the author, KT explains explains that we should all be suspicious that "thirty-three cars' worth of debris" lies below the crater of the plane that crashed in Shanksville. Give that one a second.

Out of habit, if nothing else, the logic the author uses to decide on the numer thirty-three bears a little refuting.

I wanted to show people how much 80% of a Boeing 757 roughly is so people can understand just how much plane debris would have come out of the Shanksville ground as officials claim. I chose to compare it with average weight of an average sized automobile, a compact sedan, of a year closest to when 9/11 happened that I could find and wouldn't you know it, the total came out to the infamous number 33.

In the post the author uses to come up with 33, he doesn't actually use the measurement he says he does. He claims that he based this on "the weight of an average sized automobile, a compact sedan, of a year closest to when 9/11 happened." That's actually the opposite of what he meant. He has decided to measure "the average compact sedan built in a year close to 9/11," not "the average car." What is the average mass of cars? What are we counting as a car - anything with tires and a combusion engine? Just in the U.S., or elsewhere? The "average vehicle's" weight is probably skewed by things like military jeeps. And why "the year closest to 9/11?" The laws of conjunction practically demand that the number of cars sold in either 2000 or 2001 would be, in September of 2001, drastically lower than the number of all cars sold in all years prior. So, as should go without saying, KT's measurement is bogus and he doesn't actually have a claim here.

But, really, who gives a shit? Even if KT knew anything about data measurement, his point is still hey look, the number thirty-three. That's his argument - oh, and a little "nuh uh!" at the end.

But let's not overlook my original intent of this comparison. The government is trying to tell us that 33 cars-worth of debris was supposedly underneath this shallow crater and they dug it all out.

Yeah, right.

You know it can't be true, because the numerologists don't want it to be true.


M Gregory Ferris said...

So it never occured to them that the plane's wreckage went into the woods beyond the crater? What did they think the buring trees were all about?

Tech note: I think you should add the scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail were the crowd is trying to figure out how to tell if they've captured a witch. Same kind of reasoning at work.

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SJCP said...

Killtown makes a passing reference to the fact that 33 is "infamous" and you turn it into an expose?

You people are reaching.