Saturday, December 11, 2010

NIST Tested Bomb, Demolition Hypotheses!

The torrent comes in at a massive forty GB, but if you're interested, 9/11 deniers have epically shot themselves in the foot by obtaining the NIST burn video database, much of which includes video of the various computerized tests NIST ran while trying to assess how the buildings collapsed on 9/11. In theory, this dataset includes virtually every test NIST engineers ran in devising their explanation for what happened.

Kind of makes you wonder why this wasn't bigger news in the conspiracy theory echo chamber.

These videos are just nails in the coffin of an already-defunct movement. Rather than vindicating the faith, this archive proves that not only were the NIST and 9/11 Commission reports based on rigorous testing, but that engineers, academics and scientists working for the government explicitly tested conspiratorial claims. We have gigs and gigs of video proof that NIST and its affiliates considered every possible angle of the event, and were able to rule out the kinds of hypotheses that today guide what remains of the faith's holy writ.

The 9/11 Datasets Project is run by The "International Center for 9/11 Studies" and apparently all of its content was freely obtained by FOIA suit. Has anything ever so beautifully refuted anti-government paranoia? Maybe its the afternoon coffee kicking in, but I'm positively giddy that this has happened. IC911 has destroyed the 9/11 truth movement.

In fact, searching for "International Center for 9/11 Studies" on PrisonPlanet returns the incredibly flaccid response deniers had to actually surveying the footage: All that they cared to report about were things like 'CBS reporters heard explosions on ground floor before collapse' and 'CNN reported third explosion on 9/11' and 'firefighters heard explosions!' All that they really seemed able to deal with was the same old laughably tired fact that mainstream journalists suck at their jobs, and turns out 9/11 was a confusing day. They apparently have no interest in the substantive evidence. There's really no question as to why.

At the very least, we now have definitive proof that NIST didn't "whitewash" jack when it came to their investigation. There is terabytes of data here to deal with. These guys worked damn hard. As 9/11 deniers have themselves demonstrated, anyone who calls the 9/11 investigation a bogus effort is either lying or stupid. We now have a few weeks of video with which to address that claim.

I downloaded one of the archives, "42A0016," which is about 300mb of video and photographic depictions of NIST laboratory activity and photographs of the buildings. One video shows the hours of construction that went into recreating just one of the sections of the tower for a NIST in-lab test, and another shows a theoretical bomb blast on another such in-lab rendering. The files are too big to upload to Blogger and, for some reason, aren't in the uploads the deniers have been making to YouTube...

There really are too many photos, bits of video, and other such stuff to deal with, but make sure to check out the data yourself. Nothing I've seen to date stands as a better refutation of 9/11 denial than the evidence they themselves are presenting here.


Alejandro Santacreu Alfonso said...

What nail in what coffin? What are you talking about?
1) 20 OCT 2010 FOX NEWS EXCLUSIVE: Al Qaeda leader dining at the Pentagon. Antigoverment paranoia??? Why???? May be not, may be they are simply stupid...
2) Former CIA (Michael Scheuer) and military (Anthony Shaffer) claiming for coverup at 9/11 comission. Former comission Thomas Kean saying in 2006 that "comission was set-up to fail".
3) John L. Gross (who was hired by NIST for 9/11 research) denying molten steel evidence...
4) WTC 7 building PERFECTLY collapsed after 8 hours of small fire activity. FIRST TIME IN STEEL BUILDINGS HISTORY!!!!

And finally READ the final NIST FAQ (and NIST final report too) from 2006:

- They denied molten steel and temperatures evidence against firemen equipment measures and statements.
- They say: collapse was due to jet fire spreading around all around the building. YEAH! It seems that fuel must be perfectly and homogenic distributed to achieve such near perfect vertical collapse (like WTC 7 perhaps)... every single core colum all around +50 levels get hot in the same level... ummm... I do not achieve such perfect heat-up even when I put a chicken in my home owen.

C'mon man... nothing black or white here...

Unknown said...

Yeah, pretty much a nail in the coffin.
The Al qaeda leader, was Anwar Al-Awlaki, at that time a citizen of Colorado, and not wanted for anything. 2.Sorry, Michael Scheur, and Anthony Shaffer, don't claim a coverup, and Thomas Kean just made a comment on John Farmer's Book Jacket.
Neither believes 9/11 was performed by tap dancing NWO kiebler elves.
4. John L. Gross denied Molten Steel, because he could. He was there, and you idiots don't present any molten steel.
Do you have any?
5. The collapse of WTC 7 was the 22nd time a steel frame multi-story building fell from fire alone. FPE magazine did that survey in 2007.