Friday, February 8, 2008

Teh stoopid is amazing!

I was browsing around facebook, wasting time, not caring about my two papers and a presentation for next week when I somehow ended up on the Loose Change group. After browsing through the heavily opinionated articles that the members are posting up, I discovered that there were indeed debunkers there, just that they were getting banned. That kind of reminds me of a certain board about a certain conspiracy theory! Anyhow, I came across this in one of the topics being discussed:

This Aaron character is wearing a scouts uniform. He might be a leader, but he is also a debunker or non-believer (Or SP if you're a scientologist!), and it shows that you really have no firm evidence to use your theory against his scientific evidence so you call him a pedophile. Remember, these are the people that like to say that they are like Martin Luther King Jr. and immediately decide to judge him by his outside appearance rather than the content of his character. What can you say to that?


Sword of Truth said...

I am AAron Hinman.

I am currently serving as an assistant leader in the 102nd LDS Cub Scout Troop in Edmonton Alberta and have been doing so for the past three years.

Tomorrow (saturday) morning, I am getting up early to go to the home of a local church member who has volunteered the use of his woodworking shop to help the cub scouts build thier "Kub Kars" (model cars carved from wooden blocks) for our annual rally.

The projected high for tomorrow here in Edmonton is -36C.

Where would the truthers be given the same circumstances?

Sword of Truth said...

Wow... guys... you need to look back at that thread again.

Darren McNulty is now claiming a jewish conspiracy is behind the majority of child sex crimes in north america.

I've provided details and a screenshot over at JREF:

weezula said...

I think he was directing a link that made that statement. I don't believe he made a claim of any sort.

I do agree that Aaron does "look" like a pedophile but in all likelihood, enjoys the company of children because he's fond of them and not because he is interested in molesting them.

John said...

Darren, you're not fooling anybody. It's awfully hard to lie when the proof that you actually said it is right on the page. Your pathology continues to disturb and amuse everyone who reads it. Nice try. Just kidding, terrible try.

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